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Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Currently some of the best pick up bars and nightclubs to try and hook up with girls in Koh Samui are:

Green Mango
Ark Bar
Viking Bar
Bar Solo
Henry Africa Bar
Cha Cha Moon Beach Club
Bar Ice
Lamai Beer Bar Plaza
Swing Bar
Super Sub Club
Lava Lounge

Finding places to party here won’t be a problem, because there are multiple nightlife options around Chaweng Beach. and while it isn’t the biggest area new girls will come to Koh Samui weekly to check it out. Those tourists are going to be the easiest to hook up with, at least if you want to get laid for free. Soi Green Mango would be the main bar district with lots of bars and nightclubs. Lamai is a quieter with less nightlife, but all of the spots we listed above in the Lamai Beer Plaza are also in that area. So if you want a wild party atmosphere stay in Chaweng, if you want something more laid back then choose Lamai, Choengmon or the Bangrak area.

Meeting Koh Samui Girls during the day
When it comes to options for the day game it pretty much all revolve around the beach. Don’t head off to some secluded beach on the other side of Koh Samui to meet girls, if they are heading over there it is because they want to be left alone. Chaweng Beach and Lamai are going to be the best areas during the day, or you can see who is out to have a good time early on Soi Green Mango. Plus there are some day clubs you could visit like:
  • Ark Bar Beach Resort
  • Ocean Club at Beach Republic
  • Nikki Beach
  • Elephant Beach Club
  • Seen Beach Club
Chat with Girls Online
If your goal is to hook up with local Koh Samui girls and not tourists then use a online dating site like Thai Friendly or the Tinder and Badoo apps. You probably will be stopping off in Bangkok before your trip, meeting a girl there to bring to Koh Samui could make for a great weekend too and it might be even cheaper on the long run. Meeting girls in Bangkok will be super easy because Chaweng or Lamain just doesn’t have a huge population. That is why we suggested bringing one with you from one of the bigger towns you will visit first. Where can you take them ? Because this is a tropical paradise there are romantic restaurants, cocktail bars and date spots all around you to take your new girlfriend out. Currently some of our favorites would be:
  • Romantic Bamboo
  • Dining On The Rocks
  • Chaweng Regent Hotel
  • Orgasmic Sunset Beach Resort
  • Galanga Restaurant & Grill
  • Dr Frogs Bar & Grill
The Lamai Beer Plaza is a nice entertainment area during the evening, or take one of the numerous sunset cruises that are on offer here. If you want to take a girl on a date during the day obviously the beaches are going to be easy spots. Other than Chaweng or Lamai you could try: Taling Ngam, Lipa Noi, Bang Rak, Take a ferry to Koh Tao

Tips For Tourists & Expats
If you see some sexy ladies in Koh Samui at a nightclub and they go back to your room to hook up on the first night there is an extremely high chance that they are freelancer. We aren’t just talking about at the Go Go’s where you pay a barfine, it's about any nightclub or bar here. If you don’t want to pay to get laid just stick with the numerous single women from other countries who are enjoying a holiday. They are coming here to party, have some fun, and for many that will mean to get laid. It is important to pick a hotel near the area you want to spend most of your time, the taxis are very expensive so even if your room will cost more it will even out in the end and you will save a lot of time. Getting a room at Ark Bar Beach Resort might be the easiest, even if it won’t be cheap. The Library Hotel would be another great option, thus it is quiet expensive staying here. Ang Thong Marine Park with its waterfalls like Hin Lad and Namuang is a spot not to miss. You could also visit a spa for a couples massage, but make sure to keep it classy and choose a nice one at a resort so your date doesn’t get offered a happy ending.
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The Green Mango Club

Is an iconic nightclub on Koh Samui that’s also a star attraction of Chaweng Beach’s nightlife. It even gave its name to the street it effectively dominates – Soi Green Mango. It is a large, colourful, fun and lively place and an absolutely essential stop on any night of partying in Chaweng. The club is right at the end of Soi Green Mango, where the partying only really gets started at midnight. There’s usually a big boost to the crowd at around 2:00 am, after the nearby Ark Bar closes. This is also the time officially listed as Green Mango’s closing time, but the club routinely stays open until 5:00 am and after. Despite being one of the biggest dance floors in Koh Samui (assuming you don’t count the beach), the place is packed most nights.

Having no dress code, young holidaymakers rock up in summer dresses, sleeveless T-shirts and casual clothes. The Green Mango Club Samui is particularly popular with the tourist crowd, including both western and Asian visitors. It is not such a regular haunt for expatriates living on the island, but you will see a few local Thais there (some of whom are looking for more than just a dance).

The club is largely open plan but roughly divided into 2 spaces. The first, by the entrance, plays hip-hop and RnB. Pass through the bars and into the warehouse-like main structure and the look and atmosphere is much more like a nightclub, with techno, house and EDM music to suit. With both areas competing with each other, both have their volume dials set to maximum.

The Green Mango Club Samui has a look which combines natural with industrial, though possibly not intentionally. It is built in an old warehouse with a glass roof, but the owners have done everything they can to stress the natural look. A giant tree looms by the entrance and the wooden floors and bars hint at the idea that the club is a tropical treehouse – albeit a treehouse with numerous bars, pool tables, big screens, live local and international DJs and the latest in sound and lighting technology.

Entrance to the Green Mango Club Samui is free and drinks prices are pretty reasonable (for a nightclub in a popular resort destination) with vodka served in buckets. This is fortunate as, being an open-air venue with a glass roof and crammed full of people dancing and having a good time, it can feel a little like a greenhouse in there. Be prepared to get very sweaty!
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The Ark Bar

Ark Bar Beach Resort is almost a nightlife institution in Samui. Located right on the beach, in the central area of Chaweng, this beachside resort, restaurant, bar and nightclub describes itself as the 1-stop party destination in the prime holiday destination on Samui Island – and this description could not be more accurate. Featuring 300 rooms right by the sand, Ark Bar Beach Resort is not really recommended for those in search of peace and relaxation as most of the people coming and/or staying there have only 1 goal: party ‘til they drop. With 2 beachfront restaurants and 3 swimming pools with 2 swim-up bars, the place has been designed for party animals. DJs, live music, fire shows, and pool parties are part of the daily programme at Ark Bar Beach Resort.

The main recommendation for mellow partygoers who would like to stay at Ark Bar Beach Resort for their vacation is to pick a room on the top floor, at the back of the resort. The closer you stay to the beach, the noisier it is until late at night. The party may have to officially end at 2am, but hardcore punters are not yet ready to sleep so carry on talking, singing, and having fun until the wee hours. Live music, performed by local and occasional international DJs, starts at 12 noon. Everyone around the beach and the beachfront pools is in the party mood. The restaurants have an impressively thick menu hosting something for everyone’s taste, from western dishes to Thai specialities, spiced according to customers’ preferences. The drinks list counts all the usual suspects including beers, soft drinks, and spirits, as well as a great list of excellent cocktails.

The 3 main assets of Ark Bar Beach Resorts are: Firstly, its top-notch location on the beachfront and proximity to all that Chaweng has to offer regarding shopping. Central Festival Samui, for example is a mere 5-minute stroll. Secondly, the prices are reasonable, whether it be for accommodation or for catering. Last but not least, the quality of the service and the friendliness of the staff is outstanding. They graciously handle a crowd of revellers from dusk ‘til dawn, and vice-versa.
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Soi Reggae

Soi Reggae takes its name from the huge and extremely popular Reggae Pub at its end, in much the same way as its more famous sister street – Soi Green Mango – is named after the largest and most renowned venue there. Like Green Mango, Soi Reggae has become a hub for nightlife in Chaweng, featuring Muay Thai bouts, nightclubs, karaoke and the pink-neon-lit beer bars which are an inevitable part of the nightlife across Thailand. The 200m road leading up to Reggae Pub is something of an unavoidable gauntlet of these bars, with loud music and cries of “hello handsome man” from both sides. The ladies who work here are rather more aggressively friendly than elsewhere in Chaweng, particularly as the area has seen a decline in popularity in recent years with the rise of ARK Bar. However, approached with good humour, they can be fun places to enjoy a few laughs, a few games of pool and some very cheap drinks. Notable names include Position 69, Thairish Bar and Sexy Bar.

Coco Bar Quite a modest-looking venue from the outside (except for the purple walls), inside you will find a very popular karaoke bar and nightclub. Israeli-run, with live DJs and groups almost universally from Israel, it is no surprise that it is most popular with tourists of that ilk. The club has been running since 2012 and its remarkable popularity led them to open a sister-venue in Phuket in 2015. It’s quite a small venue where the style is to sit and socialise rather than stand and dance. Opening Hours: Daily from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am

Reggae Pub The well-established two-storey nightclub and bar is still the real highlight of the street which takes its name, as well as the whole of the little peninsular that juts into Chaweng Lake. Getting particularly busy after 23:00, the musical selection is largely easy-going reggae, with some rock and hip-hop to add some spice. It has a friendly and laid-back atmosphere and competitive drinks prices. You will also find the equally-large Reggae Restaurant just over the road, next to a huge electric guitar. Opening Hours: Daily from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am

Samui International Muay Thai Stadium Also known as the Hat Chaweng Boxing Stadium, this is the smallest and most obscure of the three Muay Thai stadiums in Chaweng. Ticket prices are around 1,000 baht each, depending on where you choose to sit, with fights every Monday and Friday (and Sunday during high season). The stadium has a lively atmosphere, good live commentary and an international array of fighters, whose bouts are interspersed with traditional Thai music. Opening Hours: Fights start at 6:00 pm on Mondays & Fridays (plus Sundays during high season)

Paris Follies Cabaret is probably the bawdiest and most risqué of the Koh Samui ladyboy shows, featuring the buxomest dancers wearing the most revealing costumes. They star in a 1-hour show filled with humour and exciting dance routines. The show at Paris Follies features music from (and impersonations of) Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears and more – all performed by women who used to be men, of course. If you happen to be in the front row, you’ll need to have a healthy sense of humour because you can expect to become part of the show, including being invited to jump up on stage and dance. There are 3 shows every night, starting at 8.30 pm, 9.30 pm, and 11:00 pm. A cocktail purchase grants you free entry to see the show. Naturally, these are priced quite expensively, above the 350 THB mark. The small side-road leading up to the venue is very easy to find, being between Soi Bar Solo and Soi Green Mango on Chaweng Beach Road, having a giant illuminated image of the Eiffel Tower along one wall and often having a few of the glamorously dressed dancers by the street’s entrance, hoping to entice passersby.

Seen Beach Club is a swanky, retro-themed venue on Chaweng Beach, just south of Koh Samui Airport. There are plenty of colourful cushioned seats spread across chequered floors, as well as a Cali-style metallic trailer next to a swim-up cocktail bar. It's enough to make you think you’re back in the roaring ‘50s in Koh Samui. The beach club’s piece de resistance is its infinity pool, which rolls right out to meet Chaweng Beach. You can enjoy an extensive food menu of chilled oysters, sushi, and pizza, along with your choice of cocktails, champagnes, top-shelf spirits and wines. Pool parties often take place at Seen Beach Club which gets packed with well-dressed locals and travellers until late. Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00 am to midnight
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Lamai Beach Nightlife

Lamai’s nightlife entertainment is not as large and tremendous as Chaweng’s, its northern neighbour, yet has plenty enough venues from the ubiquitous bar beers to discos to live music bars, and even lady boxing, to please the hardcore partygoers. Most of the action at night is set at and in the streets around the town centre, permitting revelers to easily walk from one joint to the other according to their mood…and sobriety. There's foot stomping at trendy discos to be found in Lamai, with friendly venues offering a cool ambience with excellent cocktails, top-of-the-range wine labels and easy-going, god-time vibes. If you like to party, Lamai is a great place to stay in Samui Island.

Lamai Central Plaza is a 2,000-square-metre plaza hosting a dozen 'beer bars' (as they're called in Thailand) in the heart of Lamai resort town. It has a Thai boxing ring in the centre, an extremely popular street food court, and half a dozen venues – mostly bars and restaurants – on its sides. Lamai Central Plaza starts to get lively after sunset when things cool down a bit. It keeps partygoers and night owls awaken until late in a bustling ambience rocked by the loud music played in the bars producing a lively atmosphere. The clientele is quite hard to define as the type of people frequenting the plaza changes all evening long, from families with children between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm to hard-core revellers after 11:00 pm. After a hearty local meal, and once kids are in bed, party time can start in the central area of the plaza. Bar girls have been dressing and making up in a relatively quiet ambience since 6:00 pm and are now ready to welcome customers in the dozen beer bars they work at, some sporting dancing poles, with names like The Sexy Sex, Lover, and others that are in constant evolution. These girlie bars are a happening place – mostly in high season – and a great people-watching place even for non-customers of this kind of business. The competition is tough between these venues and gets even more on Saturday nights (in high season) with lady boxing, male boxing, and if you're really lucky, the hilarious sight of ladyboy boxing – once seen never forgotten – on a small ring set in the middle of the plaza. It’s all free... just buy a drink or 2 at one of the surrounding bars. The party lasts until the latest reveller leaves or falls asleep on a bar counter.

Beer Bar Central is a large concentration of beer bars and late-night entertainment in Lamai. You can find dozens of bars along Soi Haad Lamai 1 and an unmade road running parallel to it, as well as small side-streets connecting the 2 streets. With its lady boxing and scantily-clad dancers, this nightlife street is significantly less family-friendly than the nearby Lamai Central Plaza. The seemingly endless rows of beer bars at Beer Bar Central all follow a very similar design – a hut-like building with a couple of refrigerators full of drinks, a few wall-mounted fans to keep customers cool, and attractive young ladies at the bar section. The majority of the bars often have a pool table, while larger establishments have tables or bar stools out on the street. Some even set up a small dance stage to attract customers. What they all have in common is a soundtrack of dance and pop music played at full volume, with the beats conflicting with the bars around them. Beer Bar Central is also known for offering very low prices for drinks – you can enjoy a local beer from as little as 50 THB.

The Ocean Club at Beach Republic has plenty of sun loungers, sofas and cabanas surrounding a modest-sized swimming pool. As facilities are intended primarily for guests of Beach Republic, there’s a reasonably priced entrance fee for visitors. The front row of cabanas, closest to the beach, carry a sign explaining that they are reserved for “citizens” (guests) of Beach Republic, which is signed by the “Ministry of Information”, as part of the theme that runs through the resort. Just behind the pool is the main restaurant, where breakfast is served from 7:00 am to 10.30 am, with all-day dining available from 11:00 am until closing time. The menu is mostly international – pasta, pizza, Tex-Mex, steaks and salads – with some modern Thai dishes. There’s also an extensive drinks list with an impressive choice of traditional and signature cocktails. Beach Republic also has a couple of unique features you might not find at other beach clubs in Koh Samui. Whisgars Bar serves, as the name suggests, fine single malt Scotch whiskies and hand-rolled cigars. If you’d rather try life as a political prisoner, check out Escape Break – a real-life escape game for 2 to 6 players – located in the basement of the Beach Republic Residences. With special themes and events every day of the week, including live DJs and musicians, a great stretch of beach and a relaxing, chilled out atmosphere, Beach Republic is one of the top clubs of its kind in Koh Samui.
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