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Wed Dec 02, 2020 1:00 pm

Pattaya | Miss Tiffany 2020

Three years after finishing second, Kwanlada Rungrojampa was crowned Miss Tiffany Universe at the 2020 transgender beauty pageant in Pattaya. Now 20, “Nong Rock” took what she learned and beat out 29 other contestants at Saturday night’s contest at the Tiffany Theatre. Apsara Muannoi was named first runner-up while Metawee Thongthaitae finished third.

The contestants were guided to the final round by “beauty moms” who gave them training on poise and personality as they navigated the swimsuit, evening gown and question-and-answer rounds. Kwanlada, from Nakhon Pathom, won 250,000 THB cash and prizes. The three finalists will now spend the next year as being ambassadors to promote transgender issues and show that people cannot be defined by gender, but by ability.
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Mon Dec 07, 2020 11:39 am

Jomtien: 586 Mio THB Beach Project

A seminar held at the D Varee Jomtien Beach Pattaya on Thursday heard about ongoing plans for the erosion of Jomtien beach to be addressed. The harbor department has employed Italian Thai Development to repair and develop the beach. The budget is 586,047,000 baht.

Work began on November 30th.2020 and will continue for 900 days until mid November 2022. Sand is being brought in from Koh Rang Kawian - the same used for the widening of Pattaya beach. Some 640,000 cubic meters of sand will be required in Phase One. The seminar was entitled: Harbor department - a new way of tourism, beach that will last. There was also a logo on a stage backdrop that referred to "Jomtien Beach Nourishment".
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Wed Dec 09, 2020 1:08 pm

775 Million THB for revival of Pattaya Tourism Industry

Officials in Pattaya are planning 2 development schemes, at a combined cost of 775 Million THB, with hopes of reviving the city’s decimated tourism industry. The proposals have been named Neo Koh Lan and Old Town Na Klua, and will consist of 32 projects, which will be developed over the next 3 financial years. The Bangkok Post reports that funds for this fiscal year have already been assigned.

Pattaya has been particularly hard hit with the effects of the lockdowns and border closures with only a smattering of local tourists and some weekend traffic keeping the city alive. Hundreds of businesses have already closed… many will never re-open.

The Neo Koh Lan scheme is budgeted at 350 Million THB for 21 projects, which will include building a scenic tower at Tawaen beach and carrying out landscape improvements, in addition to a pier maintenance centre and pier and footbridge at Hat Tien beach. Meanwhile, the Old Town Na Klua scheme will receive 425 Million THB for 11 projects, with a focus on the area’s old community quarter, aimed at giving tourists an insight into how local fishermen live.

There are also plans for a 5-storey car park, to include a botanical garden with sky-walk, and a viewing tower budgeted at 96 Million THB. Officials are also planning to develop a fresh market at a cost of 4.5 Million THB, while 30 million has been earmarked for a makeover of Chaloem Phra Kiat Park.

In addition to development plans on the mainland, Pattaya mayor Sonthaya Khunpluem says there are a number of projects planned for Koh Lan, just off the coast, which normally welcomes around 7 million tourists a year. It’s hoped some new attractions can be developed as part of the Eastern Economic Corridor development plan. Similar plans are afoot for the neighbouring islands of Koh Sichang in Chon Buri and Koh Samet in Rayong province.
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Sat Dec 12, 2020 6:39 pm

MIS Program

Would you like your child to learn on a Saturday in an international school? "My Saturday Story" at MIS is open to all children between the ages of 18 months and 4 years old. Come learn and play with our Early Years Teachers from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm every Saturday! Each week is based on a different story with lots of activities to engage children’s imagination and foster a love of reading.

To register the Saturday School Programme please call: 098-8249759
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Fri Jan 29, 2021 10:19 am

Neo Pattaya Promotion

Phisut Sae-khu, president of Thai Hotels Association Eastern Chapter, said hotels are working with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and local officials to emphasize that Pattaya has more than nightlife to offer. With Pattaya’s bars closed for half of the past ten months, there’s never been a better time to reposition the city as offering more than just go-go bars, beer joints and ladyboy shows, the area’s top hotel boss said.

For 50 years, Thai officials and business owners have with one hand grabbed as much tourist money as they could from Pattaya’s sex industry while, at the same time, turning up their noses, arguing Pattaya should be a family-friendly destination. Now, with the money from bars, brothels and massage parlors dried up, the push to sanitize Pattaya has taken on more urgency.

Now, with the money from bars, brothels and massage parlors dried up, the push to sanitize Pattaya has taken on more urgency, as evidenced by the Disney-fication of the Walking Street sign and opening the nightlife strip to traffic to attract more Thais to restaurants and shops. He said hotels are creating packages that stress morning and afternoon activities, many of which would keep people on resort properties to capture more income.

The first priority will be to promote Pattaya as a family destination to celebrate Songkran in April and to make five-star resort stays more affordable.
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Fri Feb 12, 2021 9:07 am

Neo Pattaya’s future cannot copy Miami, Dubai or Singapore

The future of Pattaya is still being debated, but the city for sure cannot be a copycat version of overseas international cities which rely on both tourism and business to underpin their success. Miami already comprises the largest urban economy in the United States and boasts the biggest cruise ship port in the world. Although she has seaside beaches, the similarities soon stop. Many consumer prices are 100 percent-plus higher than in Pattaya with the singular exceptions of gasoline, new cars and bottles of wine which are actually cheaper. That reflects the very different tariff, taxation and import structures.

Dubai is actually trying to increase the number of foreign tourists whilst Pattaya is committed by the local authority to reduce their numbers. The United Arab Emirates are already a prime business and transport hub in the region, but their economy is based on substantial oil and gas revenues and reserves which, of course, Pattaya or Thailand lack. The cultural differences are enormous too. Alcohol laws are much tighter than in Thailand, the sex industry is mostly underground and homosexuality is illegal. Be careful what you ask for.

Singapore too is light years ahead of Pattaya. The island city state is the only economy in Asia to have an AAA credit rating and has 7,000 multinational corporations based there. Almost half of all workers in Singapore are foreigners and the state, prior to the pandemic, attracted three times its own population in annual tourism. She is now the third largest foreign exchange center in the world and one in six households possesses at least one million US dollars in disposable wealth. That includes property.

Such stark contrasts do not mean that Pattaya can’t learn from these cities. Miami is a good example of the integration of business and tourism. Pattaya itself will never be a major employer outside of the tourism business, but the province as a whole has already benefitted from international investment through the Eastern Economic Corridor. For example, the Board of Investment has already granted tax-free incentives for sunrise industry projects here and in neighboring provinces worth 800 billion baht. They include the hi-speed train project linking three airports and huge upgrading to the port structures at Laem Chabang and Rayong.

Thailand’s immigration laws for expat workers – understandably criticized by expats and tourists – have learned from both Dubai and Singapore to be more flexible. There are already several hundred foreigners working in disciplines such as robotics and engineering within the EEC who have the new Smart 4-year Thai visa which does not require a work permit. Incidentally, holders are excused from the 90-days reporting requirement.

Pattaya itself was becoming quite successful, prior to the pandemic, in becoming a popular centre for international MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions) which is also a hallmark of developments in Miami, Dubai and Singapore. But, unlike those cities, Pattaya itself will never become a major employer of business, technology and manufacturing. Pattaya’s future role will be to service a broader region in eastern Thailand as a vacation, tourist and convention center. Neo-Pattaya will doubtless emerge in the next decade or two. But in a uniquely Thai way.
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Tue May 04, 2021 9:11 am

The last nail hammered into the coffin of Pattaya’s Walking Street

An innocent-looking notice board has now appeared at the entrance to Pattaya’s most famous landmark: Walking Street. It carries the logo of the Provincial Electricity Authority with a Thai text which promises that underground cables will replace the splurge of overhead wires which have hitherto lit up the bars and clubs. The project will stretch into next year.

However, the accompanying futuristic drawing is devoid of any sign of nitery entertainment and encourages the idea of a wholesome and green future. The mega cash is being put up by a foreign and Thai consortium linked to the Eastern Economic Corridor, well-known for its preference for a neo or new Pattaya which will abandon the traditional sauciness and sex.

What we can expect as a long-term replacement will be a cruise ship terminal, a skytrain, a zoo, children’s rides, lots of restaurants, even a park. In other words, family entertainment aimed mostly at Thais and the new-generation of foreign tourists who will be largely Chinese, Japanese and Asean nationals. Of course, it won’t all happen tomorrow. The vision is a post-Covid one.

The traditional Walking Street has had its critics for decades. A Thai prime minister of the 1970s called it “shameful” before being ousted in a coup, and legions of western moralists have decried the debauchery in nightclubs which they had presumably seen for themselves before deciding. Meanwhile, attempts have frequently been made to knock down the seaward buildings as they were built illegally. Unsurprisingly, nothing much happened because of the huge profits made from the booze and flesh trades.

Walking Street started losing money a few years ago, but the coronavirus virus has seen it largely shuttered apart from two short-lived and half-hearted attempts at reopening in July 2020 and January 2021. Earlier this year, the local authority confirmed that no building which jutted into the sea –about half the total – would be allowed to renew their operating licences for 2022. This time the destruction is for real. The padlocks and chains will be removed by excavators.

City Hall has tried to burn the candle at both ends, proclaiming that Pattaya needs a vibrant nightlife but also wholesome activities for the daytime. Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome has backed calls for a transformed Walking Street more in tune with the ethos of the new decade. British expat Lee Sanders said he’s writing a book about the history of the Walking Street. “2019 was the last year of serious operation,” he said, “the writing is on the wall in big letters.”
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